What happens when you burn the candle at both ends for just a little too long?

First, if you’re me, you get all tense, then you start to bloat from constantly eating junk food on the run, then your skin gets all pasty and spotty, then your hormones to haywire, and finally your body gives up on any hope that you’re gonna take the hint and smacks you with a cute […]

My goal for today is to find a Four Leaf Clover

My goal for today is to find a Four-Leaf Clover. Actually my goal for today is to run between 10-15 miles, run through all of my songs for Sunday night, and clean that God-forsaken national disaster area I call a room (its getting so bad, my dust bunnies have started setting up FEMA camps). But […]

It’s Been A Rough Week

I mean, I’ve still got the weekend to go, but… yeah. This was the last week of rehearsals before we go into tech on Monday, so work has been a bit full-on and stressful. Finally, it’s all coming together and getting sorted, so soon we can just enjoy it again. A bit of leftover emotional […]