Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review Episode 3: HIGH5 EnergyGel in Apple and SummerFruits

For the third instalment of my energy products review series, I tried out my first gels: HIGH5 EnergyGel in Apple and in SummerFruits. Both gels were caffeine free, and I decided to consume them through two different popular methods: eating from the packet and dissolving in my water bottle. So, lets see how they measured […]

A New Runner’s Wishlist: (Or, 5 Things I Really Wish I Had RIGHT NOW.)

These are some things I’m really discovering that I want/probably need: 1. Zaggora Hotpants in Atomica, and Viva (love the bright colors!) 2. Energy gels! I’m going to try to test a few different brands, flavors, etc., very soon! (I’ll blog results, obviously.) 3. A fitted runners’ jacket. Right now I don’t have anything to […]