Ballet Class, aka A Big Ol’ Slice of Humble Pie, aka Why You Should Cross Train With Ballet

If my earlier post wasn’t already hint enough, tonight I took a ballet class. It was the first ballet class I’d had in about a year (and that was the first one since leaving college) and it involved the first bit of pointe work I’ve done since I was about 17. And despite all of […]

Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review: HIGH5 EnergyGels Part Deux!

So today I took my second set of HIGH5 gels, OrangePlus with Caffeine and CitrusBurst for a spin. Given my last HIGH5 experience, I chose to dilute them both in water, rather than eat them. So let’s get to it! Flavour: 3/10 Meh again. Honestly once diluted in water it’s impossible to tell any of […]

Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review Episode 2: Clif Shot Bloks in Tropical Punch Flavor + Caffeine

For the second episode of my energy supplement reviews series, I took a 15 mile run with Clif Shot Bloks in Tropical Punch Flavor + Caffeine! I didn’t get very much sleep last night and I left my run a little too late in the morning after my meagre bagel and cream cheese breakfast, so […]

Technology Review: Zombies, Run! app

So, I’ve heard a lot about the Zombies, Run! app by Six to Start. It sounded like fun and I finally purchased it a couple of days ago to test out on a maintenance run. I was not prepared for how awesome this app is. Zombies, Run! is not just an app that tricks you […]

Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review: The Prologue

So, the week before last my long run on my training schedule was up the the 13-mile mark, a.k.a., a half marathon, y’all! I took some mixed fruit and nuts to help replenish some energy. It was not that pleasant trying to choke down nuts 7 miles into a 13-mile run. It was like trying […]

Juicing & Training

Okay, so yesterday and the day before were the first two days of a three day juice detox plan from Soulmate Food. I’ve decided to be a bit whacky and save the last days worth of juices until next Tuesday. This is for two reasons: 1) Hunger: nausea, light-headedness, exhaustion. I’m not new to this. […]

I’m really lazy about blogging!

I started out so well! So typically me, I never finish anyth   Anyway, I’m up to 13 miles in my training now. 15 miles this week. It took me quite a few weeks to get over my Florida vacation hiatus. I don’t feel the lapse in training time when I run anymore, but I […]

Tips For Avoiding Sexually Harassing or Assaulting Runners (Or Just About Anyone)

There is a discussion that we need, as a society, to be having more – what is sexual harassment? What is sexist or sexual misconduct? In the light of many international rape cases, political sex “scandals” (many of which are less scandalous tabloid material, and more violent criminal behavior) brought to our attention and into […]

Hello Bandwagon…

…Just hopped back on.   Okay, so I have a confession to make: I was very lazy and did no working out during my holiday in Florida. (But I┬ádid do a lot of walking at Disney World! That’s gotta count for something, eh? Eh?) I don’t feel as guilty as I probably should because I […]

I hate Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run Method, any comments?

So, since I started the official Run Disney training program on July 2nd, I have been trying to do the run-walk-run method that is at the core of Jeff Galloway’s training system. Interval training has been proven to prevent injury and actually increase a runner’s pace. However, I am not enjoying it. I’ve tried different […]