Two-Ingredient (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo) Pancakes

So, I saw this meme on Facebook: And I thought “Bananas: healthy carb sticks. Eggs: healthy protein…ellipticals…? I’m gonna do this!” The picture pretty much explains it all: you can either mash the bananas and then whisk with the eggs, or you can do what I did and just blend them with a hand blender. […]

Lazy Blogging, Late Stats, Paula Deen, Grisly Disney, Civil Rights, Food Overload & Mizuno’s

I have been such a shite blogger over the last several weeks. I’m sorry. Things started out so well. Let’s start over together: Hi, I’m Amanda. This one time I went for a run and a bird shit on me. Okay, so what’s the craic? What’s been happening? I worked Taste of London last week […]

#FF #FitFriday

(A little bit of Girl Power for your Friday Morning) Went for a quick run yesterday, but didn’t record as I went to work a very long shift at Taste of London. I’m off to work again today, but didn’t wake up in time for a run :S All of this inspiration is making me […]

Want to see something gross?

You can see every blood vessel in my transparent legs! Gahh!!! 😛   So, today’s run was pitiful. I was feeling some “Lady Pains” and running was exacerbating it. Ran half of a small run and ended up turning around pretty much walking the whole way home. Yikes. I shall pick up some pain relievers […]

When You Wish Upon A Star Charity Run, The Blog Is 1 Month Old Today!

I have been training for a month! Well, what have we learned in one month? I listen almost exclusively to musicals on my runs (and, let’s be honest, in life). I really actually enjoy running! It’s my me-time. I can let my mind run free! It’s like I’m Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, except instead of […]

Happy Memorial Day/Bank Holiday Monday! Back On Track!

Got up this morning at 7:30, to have breakfast and get ready for my run – back on the running bandwagon now that my show is open and running. Tried to make porridge and destroyed it and the apple and raisins I had in it along with it. It was the last of my porridge […]

#FF #FitFriday

I am presently tucking in to a veritable mountain of junk food after suffering through one of, if not the worst hangover. Last night was our press night for our show. There was much celebrating. In light of this, I will post related #FitFriday media. Stay healthy, get rid of that hangover.   (These are […]

The Weekly Cool Down: Little Italian Courgette Cakes (And Bangel!)

Welcome to The Weekly Cool Down: a weekly feature where I try non-running activities that are otherwise good for the mind, body, and/or soul! This week I have not managed my time and stress levels very well, so my Cool Down is more of an emotional one than a physical one. First, my friend Simon […]

The Weekly Cool Down: Pink Pancakes!

Welcome to The Weekly Cool Down: a weekly feature where I try non-running activities that are otherwise good for the body, mind, and/or soul! This week you’re welcome to Cool Down with me with a new recipe: Pink Pancakes (just in time for Mothers’ Day)! Seeing as I burned 1237 calories this morning, I needed […]