My Achey Breaky Shins…

Maybe it’s not the tune that would make Billy Ray Cyrus any money, but it’s what I’m feeling right now. On Sunday a did a commercial dance routine on a very-much-not-sprung village hall floor. Then that same afternoon I did a dance call on a floor that was sprung, but where this happened: It was […]

Last day until my Jocktober 30 Day Multi-Challenge madness!

So, I decided to make October the Month of the 30 Day Challenge, which seemed like a really good idea when I was writing all of this shit into my calendar, but not so much now… Can’t it ever be thirty days of lying in bed and Netflix?! Anyway, so starting tomorrow, in addition to […]

Ballet Class, aka A Big Ol’ Slice of Humble Pie, aka Why You Should Cross Train With Ballet

If my earlier post wasn’t already hint enough, tonight I took a ballet class. It was the first ballet class I’d had in about a year (and that was the first one since leaving college) and it involved the first bit of pointe work I’ve done since I was about 17. And despite all of […]

Really annoyed with myself.

I had time this morning to fit in a 15k, but 7k in I realized I had forgotten something really important (in the feminine hygiene department), and had a very, very uncomfortable run home. Sorry for the gross implication, guys. Anyway, I’m gonna fit in a 15k run somewhere this week. There are some TBC […]

The Weekly Cool Down: Yoga In The Park

Welcome to The Weekly Cool Down, a new weekly feature of the blog where you can join me in sans-running weekend activities ranging from classes and days out, to intensive (budget-friendly!) pamper sessions and maybe even baking! So, whatever happened this week, whatever is buzzing around in your brain, whatever exercises or assignments or deadlines […]

A New Runner’s Wishlist: (Or, 5 Things I Really Wish I Had RIGHT NOW.)

These are some things I’m really discovering that I want/probably need: 1. Zaggora Hotpants in Atomica, and Viva (love the bright colors!) 2. Energy gels! I’m going to try to test a few different brands, flavors, etc., very soon! (I’ll blog results, obviously.) 3. A fitted runners’ jacket. Right now I don’t have anything to […]