#FF #FitFriday

(A little bit of Girl Power for your Friday Morning) Went for a quick run yesterday, but didn’t record as I went to work a very long shift at Taste of London. I’m off to work again today, but didn’t wake up in time for a run :S All of this inspiration is making me […]

The (Oops! Late!) Weekly Cool Down: Boris Bikes!

Grr!! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I worked a kids’ party on two hours sleep, then had a four-hour (!) trek back to my flat due to crappy Sunday train service and crashed! Anywho, for┬áthis last weeks Weekly Cool Down, I did something very “London” that I have never done before: I hired a Barclays […]

The Weekly Cool Down: Little Italian Courgette Cakes (And Bangel!)

Welcome to The Weekly Cool Down: a weekly feature where I try non-running activities that are otherwise good for the mind, body, and/or soul! This week I have not managed my time and stress levels very well, so my Cool Down is more of an emotional one than a physical one. First, my friend Simon […]

The Weekly Cool Down: Yoga In The Park

Welcome to The Weekly Cool Down, a new weekly feature of the blog where you can join me in sans-running weekend activities ranging from classes and days out, to intensive (budget-friendly!) pamper sessions and maybe even baking! So, whatever happened this week, whatever is buzzing around in your brain, whatever exercises or assignments or deadlines […]