Run Somewhere Spooky: Highgate Cemetery – Part 2, West Cemetery

Week two of my Spooktacular runs series. (I use the word “run” rather liberally this week. I took a walking tour, then walked around myself for a couple more hours. I think it would be rude to actually try to PR in an active cemetery!) Highgate Cemetery Part Two: West Cemetery Highgate Cemetery was the […]

Run Somewhere Spooky Week Two: Highgate Cemetery – Part 1, East Cemetery

For Week Two of my spooky October challenge, I went to Highgate Cemetery, one of seven Victorian cemeteries surrounding London, erected to compensate for the enormous population boom of the 19th century. Part I: East Cemetery The East Cemetery is the slightly younger of the two sections of Highgate Cemetery and is still very much […]

HAPPY OCTOBER!!!!: Run Somewhere Spooky

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to my second favorite month of the year! I just love the countdown to Halloween! And boy do I have some exciting things planned to celebrate! The first Spooktacular Halloween blog feature I’m bringing to you will (hopefully) be a weekly feature for this month: Creepy Running Routes! […]