Back in the USA, Back on Track

Well, my contract aboard the Seabourn Sojourn is finished, and I’m officially land-based (making training much easier).

Beyond just preparing for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Disney, Mom and I have other, even more important goals:


Getting physically (and, as planning gets more intense, emotionally) fit for my wedding in June!

So, we traipsed on down to LA Fitness, on Thursday, and signed up for a membership and personal training sessions. Then, on Friday, we came in for an introductory fitness test and joint personal training session, and OH MY GOD are we sore now. I couldn’t bare to do my long-run yesterday, so I rested and went today. It felt like someone tied weights to my thighs. Regardless, it was 6.5 miles at about an 11 1/2 mile pace, which is passable for a long-run. The training is going to make me stronger and less susceptible to injury, but I may start planning “leg day” to be as far away from a run as possible! YEOW!

Anyway, I feel good despite a rather painful run and delayed-onset muscle soreness… It’s on like Donkey Kong!



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