PRing on a Disney Race?

Right readers: Question Time.

Has anyone PRed on a Disney race or run a Disney Race for time, and if so, was it worth it?

Basically, I’m set to walk the Princess 5K and Enchanted 10K with my mom, so there will be ample photo and character opportunities on those races. Thus, I’m considering running the Half for time. However, I don’t want to do it if I’m going to feel like I’ve missed out on the race that I’ve paid for. Thoughts? Opinions?


2 thoughts on “PRing on a Disney Race?

  1. Well, Yes and no… I PR’d my first Disney Marathon… it was my first marathon. I didn’t stop. Didn’t do pictures… just did my best (at the urging of the then wife) to run my fastest and hardest. It was serious business…And it is.

    This year, After Dopey, I PR’d again. I stopped. I took pictures… I noticed the Donkey wearing a bib that identified him as Jack. I had more fun… did more and got a PR. So hold some fuel in the tank… run or stop when you want… make up for it during the “boring” parts (As awesome as Disney races are… there are boring parts along the way) and just enjoy it all. My guess is you’ll PR and have a blast. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, they certainly were not for me.

    • Thank you! Good advice! Yeah, I think I’ve decided just to train well and see how I feel on the day. A lot of girls on the Glass Slipper Challenge Facebook page were saying that the Princess Half has a lot of bottlenecks, so actively trying for time can be frustrating. But I like your idea of enjoying myself and then racing on the “boring” bits. 🙂

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