Here We Go Again…

Turns out one race for charity wasn’t enough, so I’m back for Magical Miles Part Deux: Two Hoots, Three Races!

Yup, I’ve signed up for the Disney Princess Half Weekend Glass Slipper Challenge AND Princess 5K, and I’ve roped Mama Hootman, who has never run a race in her life, into doing BOTH the Princess 5K AND the Enchanted 10K! Go Hoot Mama!

So, I’m getting back in the proverbial saddle, taking my running shoes out of retirement – and I’ll be doing at sea, as I’m working on a cruise ship until mid-November, all whilst planning a wedding… Did I mention I was getting married?

Yeah, probably should have mentioned that…

All-in-all this training season is going to be Challenge-tastic, but that’s all fine for me because it makes for some great blogging, and come February, I’ve got four medals with my name on them…



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