My Achey Breaky Shins…

Maybe it’s not the tune that would make Billy Ray Cyrus any money, but it’s what I’m feeling right now.

On Sunday a did a commercial dance routine on a very-much-not-sprung village hall floor. Then that same afternoon I did a dance call on a floor that was sprung, but where this happened:


It was a dance from a drunken pub scene. There was rapid thigh slapping involved.

Luckily after that trauma (and four hours of recalls to sing and read sides) I did book the role, but my shins were not happy with me the next day. Both Monday and yesterday I tried to get out for a run and made it 1 mile before turning around and walking home. It’s that familiar ache that says “beware”. Not yet shin splints, but just waiting for the opportunity to turn.

I’m very good about staying in tune with my body and listening to what it’s telling me. I’ve never actually had full-blown proper shin splints because I get to this point and take a break. (I remember the feeling often from my first year in college. We were still in the old buildings, not up in our fancy schmancy new facilities yet, and while we loved the old buildings for all their character and history, there were weeks when everyone sat at the side during dance due to bloody shin splints from those horrendous floors.) But it’s still annoying, not getting out for a run. I get bored and frustrated. I still haven’t done last weeks long run (I often do long runs on either Friday or Monday because my weekends tend to be busier than my weeks). Not sure whether I’ll get to run this weeks either. They’re just a 6 and 7 mile run, respectively, so I’m not sure whether to skip either or both, or try cramming them into next week. Thoughts, opinions?

In other news, I’m still getting my Jocktober cross-training and every muscle in my body is in agony thanks to yoga. I must be very unfit. Ouch.


2 thoughts on “My Achey Breaky Shins…

  1. If you don’t already have them, get yourself some good compression calf sleeves (I highly recommend CEP brand). They helped my splints tremendously. Wear them and go for brisk walks before running again.

    • I’ve got compression socks, which I’ve been wearing nonstop since last night, but I definitely like to invest in some sleeves that I can wear with pointe shoes, etc., during rehearsals and classes. (And I really need to get dance trainers if I do any more commercial dances like that anyway 😣)

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