Let’s Talk About… Your Face

So, as we approach the halfway mark in our Walt Disney World Marathon training (eek!) it’s really time to start thinking about aesthetics, because, let’s *face* it (get it?) there are going to be a lot of cameras and very little Photoshop and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy has gone and set a precedent for all race runners.

So, starting now it’s time to “train” our skin, so we can all be pretty and glow-y and zit-free on race day.

Here’s what we’re gonna need:

A gentle cleanser*
A gentle toner*
A gentle moisturiser*
Paper towels
A face masque
An exfoliant

*people with oily, spot-prone skin can also get anti-acne versions of these products but I’d recommend only using them during breakout weeks and sticking to the gentle, non-drying stuff when you can.

Twice a day: Wash your face with the cleanser and warm water. Finish up with a splash of cold water to close up the pores. Dab dry with a paper towel instead of a cloth towel – reusing towels leads to bacteria build up! Apply toner to restore your skins PH balance, which probably got a bit off kilter during washing. Apply moisturiser with upward, circular strokes.

1-2 times a week: exfoliate with an exfoliating cleanser or cloth.

Once a week: apply a face masque geared toward your skin type (Oily, Dry, Combination, Mature, etc.,) and drink some tea and treat yourself to a mini-spa sesh.

Apply extra moisturiser/Vaseline/Chapstick as needed through the upcoming winter months and outdoors! AND DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN! Even on overcast days!

Try not to pop any spots or touch your face too much and NO sleeping in makeup! (I’m guilty of all of these!)

I look forward to seeing some sexy faces in January!


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