Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review: HIGH5 EnergyGels Part Deux!

So today I took my second set of HIGH5 gels, OrangePlus with Caffeine and CitrusBurst for a spin. Given my last HIGH5 experience, I chose to dilute them both in water, rather than eat them. So let’s get to it!


Flavour: 3/10 Meh again. Honestly once diluted in water it’s impossible to tell any of the flavours apart. It’s not tasty, per se, but it’s not the abomination that eating them straight from the pack is.

Convenience: 10/10 Unlike having them from the packet, diluting in my water is about as convenient as you can get. I’m not carrying anything extra or fiddling with… with… fiddley bits while I’m out.

Ingredients: 7/10 Same deal as before. Impressed with the use of “Sea Salt”, not so impressed with the presence of preservatives and maltodextrin.

Price: 6/10 I also covered this in the last HIGH5 review. Certainly the best price we’ve seen so far at a retail value of a pound a pop or packs of 20 for between £13-£15, but I think I can do better! 😉

Effectiveness: 9/10 The rating went up a whole two points in this category and I’m gonna give you two reasons:
1) I put them through a harder test, 17 miles, with GI problems for the first hour or so due to some poor lunch decisions, and they bloody stood up. Sipping them throughout instead of taking a “gel break” probably had something to do with it. The caffeine in the OrangePlus probably had something to do with it. And overall this is probably just a product that is designed to do a job and delivers. I had some muscle tightness slowing me toward the end, but my brain was constantly engaged (caffeine) throughout the run. No full-on burnout fatigue.
2) Caffeine.

Results: 35/50 So giving HIGH5 a second shot resulted in an even 70%. Pretty decent! I think this product is very effective and convenient but it’s taste really fails it, especially when there are so many other products on the market that taste like candy (or, in the case of gummi bears, are candy).


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