Gear Review: Hotwear

So out of interest in all of the “Hotwear” (wet-suit-like garments designed to make you sweat more) out there at the moment, I decided I really needed to get my hands on some and try it out!

I tested out two items: a “Hot Top” from brand name Hotwear company Zaggora, and a pair of capris from SlimHot.



Before we get on to my review, let my first state that, despite any claims these companies may make, simply wearing their products is not going to result in fat loss. Nor is there such thing as spot treatment when it comes to fat. The weightloss you may experience from wearing Hotwear is temporary. You’re just sweating off water weight. True fat loss comes from basic math: taking in a bit less and using a bit more.

That being said, Hotwear isn’t a total Snake Oil product in my mind, as there’s something to be said for sweating more. Sweating is great for your skin, and it can have a purifying feeling for your body and presence of mind. There’s a reason bikram yoga is so popular, and why people say you need to “sweat out” a hangover or a cold. And, temporary be damned, there are times when you do just want to lose that water weight (there are few things worse than waking up bloated and on your period the day you planned on wearing a bikini)!

So how did Zaggora and Slim Hot measure up to my sweaty expectations?

I love my Hot Top. I’ve used it many times now.There’s no nice way to say this, but it works so effectively that its kind of hard to peel that bad boy off after. It’s very flattering and does the job if you wake up with a poofy pouchy belly from last nights Carb-Fest. Go for a run in that thing. As a bonus it keeps me kind of warm when it’s drizzly and chilly out. The price, however, can be a bit scary. I got my Hot Top on a Groupon offer, and I’d recommend not buying them retail. eBay all the way.


Slim Hot
I don’t mind my Slim Hot capris. They’re made out of very similar material to my Hot Top (maybe a little thinner) and they’re far more decently priced than similar products on the market. However, I bought the smallest size and they are still baggy. Check this out:

What’s all the space for?


The logo at the bottom is kinda cute but not the BAGGY-ASS KNEES

While I buy “small” sized clothes, I’m a pretty average 5’4″ and a pretty average 115-ish lbs, so there’s no reason the smallest size should be too big for me. What will the real petite girls do?!
Overall, though, the Slim Hot capris still made me sweat a bit more. So I guess they did their job!


What do you think? Would you try Hotwear?


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