Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review Episode 3: HIGH5 EnergyGel in Apple and SummerFruits

For the third instalment of my energy products review series, I tried out my first gels: HIGH5 EnergyGel in Apple and in SummerFruits. Both gels were caffeine free, and I decided to consume them through two different popular methods: eating from the packet and dissolving in my water bottle. So, lets see how they measured up…


Flavor: 2/10 Ew, ew, ew. I dissolved the SummerFruits in my water bottle. The flavor was that of really, really diluted Gatorade like they used to give you at Camp when you were a child. The Apple was the one u chose to eat as is. It didn’t taste like Apple, it tasted oddly of raisins, which is fine, but it had this horrible mucosal consistency. It was like when you’re sick with a chest infection and you cough that crap up and have to swallow if because you’re in public. Like that, but raisin flavoured and, you know, there’s a whole 30ml of it you have to swallow!

Convenience: 5/10 Eating it from the packet was all kinds of sticky and gross and inconvenient. I had to wipe down my iPhone twice after handling that crap. Exercise is already gross enough when I have to deal with my own fluids, sunscreen, lubricants, etc., lets try not to make it any messier. I still gave it a half rating because it was convenient in bottled water form, and probably more beneficial that way, considering I was getting small sips of carbs through the whole run rather than one dose halfway through. (Although, why not just take a sports drink instead?)

Ingredients: 7/10 Pretty much the same ingredients as a sports drink. Bit of salt (kudos that its “sea salt”!) bit of potassium, some fruit juice (15%), some maltodextrin (meh), some sodium benzoate (meh), and some glucose.

Price: 6/10 They retail for around a pound a piece, but you can find packs of 20 online for between £13-£15, which is pretty decent.

Effectiveness: 7/10 I didn’t put them to quite the same test as I put the Clif Shot Bloks to yesterday. Yesterday I was running a long run on little sleep and food. Today I ran a slow 6 miles on proper sleep and a large (well-timed) breakfast, but my body was still in recovery mode from yesterday’s long run. So, that’s where I think these gels probably came in handy. It’s hard to tell if it was the extra carbohydrates in the gels or just me warming into my run, but there was a moment of doubt there at the beginning where I thought I might just call it a day and come in because my muscles were exhausted, but I kept going and found the energy to do 5 more miles.

Results: 27/50 A kind of crappy 54%. I wasn’t in love with the gels. I have two more HIGH5 gels (one with caffeine) to be tested. It’s safe to say I’ll go ahead and mix them both in water because I found the consistency really unpalatable, and the mess really inconvenient! Icky icky poo poo!


2 thoughts on “Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review Episode 3: HIGH5 EnergyGel in Apple and SummerFruits

  1. At the risk at seeming even remotely stalky-esque, I have to say it’s utterly impossible to not appreciate a well-reasoned, perspicacious (yet with concise clarity), and quantitatively-sound blog post that ends with “Icky icky poo poo!”

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