My goal for today is to find a Four Leaf Clover

My goal for today is to find a Four-Leaf Clover.

Actually my goal for today is to run between 10-15 miles, run through all of my songs for Sunday night, and clean that God-forsaken national disaster area I call a room (its getting so bad, my dust bunnies have started setting up FEMA camps). But I may have to set aside time for hunting out plants with rare genetic mutations and a reputation for magical luck-granting properties. It has not been a good week for Miss Hootman.

Anecdotal format will take too long, so let me give you a run down of all the unlucky things to happen to me in the past four days in list form:

– Got into a bitter argument with our producer (good friend of mine) and MD (no relationship with him prior to this cabaret) for Sunday.
– Left sheet music at home and had to cancel a much needed singing lesson.
– Missed the same train, two days in a row. (Caught further on down the line, but still… Pain in my ass)
– Scheduled my grocery delivery for the wrong week. Had no time to run to the shop. Had to eat all of my meals whilst changing trains at Clapham Junction. Thus, my pants are tres snug.
– Had a major breakout and bloat (see: meals on the go, above) before a scheduled mermaid photoshoot.
– Was the last to find out the photoshoot was cancelled. Apparently I didn’t get the memo when I should have.
– Spilled coffee on my laptop. It’s gone forever. As is everything I had on it.
– Got lost in Regent’s Park trying to find the Open Air Theatre at night.
– Booked ticket under “Hooman” instead of “Hootman”, so it couldn’t be found and I missed the Overture.
– Booked ticket for Monday instead of Tuesday, so I had to buy a new one anyway.
– Got rained on the whole show.

So, I think I’ve upset Someone Up There. Sorry, Dude. Hope You’re feeling better about me today. If I find a lucky Four-Leaf Clover, I’ll take that as a sign.


2 thoughts on “My goal for today is to find a Four Leaf Clover

  1. Yikes. Nightmare. Well… it ain’t a 4-leaf clover, but here’s some positive karmic juju for you —–> (I have no idea what that’s actually supposed to look like, but it’s in here, somewhere…?)

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