Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review Episode 2: Clif Shot Bloks in Tropical Punch Flavor + Caffeine

For the second episode of my energy supplement reviews series, I took a 15 mile run with Clif Shot Bloks in Tropical Punch Flavor + Caffeine! I didn’t get very much sleep last night and I left my run a little too late in the morning after my meagre bagel and cream cheese breakfast, so I was gonna need every bit of extra energy I could get on this 15 miler! Let’s see how Clif Shot Bloks measured up!:


Flavor: 10/10 Another set of energy products I’d happily much on outside of training. It also has a taffy-like or caramel-like consistency that’s really satisfying. So yummy (and I was so exhausted) that I ate all six pieces (2 servings) of the Bloks!

Convenience: 9/10 Consuming these whilst running left me more at ease than with the beans. The chewy, sticky consistency would make choking on them difficult to do, unless you tried to swallow a Blok whole. I had trouble tearing the pack open, but this is easily fixable by just snipping a bit at the top with some scissors before taking them out. Also, the first three pieces I managed to just pop right in my mouth, but the last three I kind of had to shimmy the packaging down to get at them. No problem if I’m paused, but if I’m on the move, this could result in losing some Bloks to the dirty pavement. Probably just best to stick them in a ziplock before going out.

Ingredients: 9/10 Clif products are Certified Organic, which is always a plus. The ingredients list includes 3 different types of sugar to give you a rush – Brown Rice Syrup, Dried Cane Syrup, and Brown Rice Syrup Solids – and it’s nice to see that for once none of it came from corn! There’s a bit of Green Tea Extract for the caffeine (equivalent of 1/2 a shot of espresso, according to the packaging), and the glazing and gelling agents are just all natural wax and pectin. Docked a point for the cryptic ingredient “Flavouring”. Yes…? Flavouring made of what?

Price: 2/10 Again… HA HA HA. I got mine from the running shop for about a pound, but individual packs retail online for £2.25. Boxes of 18 price at £34. Am I crazy? Is that a decent price? It just seems a bit steep to me when raisins and salted nuts are sitting there, staring at me with their calorie denseness and their cheap price tags!

Effectiveness: 8/10 There was no sudden sound of trumpets and fireworks, I didn’t start sprinting in a rush of euphoria while a chorus of angels sang, but I think this stuff really did help me power through. That was a tough run that my body really wasn’t prepared for this morning, but I freaking did it. I did all of it. I’m gonna take a lot of the credit for myself, but I’ll admit that the energy chews probably played a role in there somewhere.

Results: 38/50 A pretty decent 76%. The rating would be much higher if I weren’t such a miser when it comes to non-food consumables (I’d rather spend the money on a pub burger, come on!) because I really like this product. And it has another advantage that I didn’t rate it on because it wouldn’t be fair to the others: it’s what they give you at the WDW Marathon. Yup, Clif is a sponsor of Run Disney Events and Clif products are given away at stations along the race. So, no matter what energy product I end up liking best, I’ll be sure to mix in some Clif Shot Bloks on some of my training runs to train my tummy!


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