So You Overate…Get Over It!

I am a frequent “over-eater” and have a very complicated relationship with food, so I can relate to this post. It is so important just to accept that you’ve “splurged” a bit and move on. The guilt and the frustration usually just cultivate a “screw it” or “all or nothing” attitude and cause us to indulge even more. (In my case, I used to punish myself for eating something I shouldn’t by forcing myself to eat more to the point where I felt pain… now, does that make sense?) And, remember, indulging in something we don’t normally eat every once in awhile is one of the ways we *maintain* healthy eating habits. Becoming a total health food nun/monk 9.99 times out of 10 is setting yourself up for failure! *Allow* yourself to overeat every once in awhile, and just remind yourself to have lots of fresh fruit and veg at your next meal and train extra long on your next run!
That’s my two cents! Read this fabulous post!

hungry and fit

I know I’m not alone when I find myself in a vicious cycle of overeating and then getting really angry at myself. It kind of burns a hole in the day. This is happens when I’m trying to follow a meal plan, eat cleanly, etc (otherwise I don’t much care). And then I fall off the wagon and divulge a little too much. It leaves you with guilt, anger, and disappointment. I’m sure many of you know these feelings and know what I mean. This cycle of self-loathing is useless and doesn’t get you any closer to your goals, so let’s learn how to just drop it.

You overate. You went too hard into that ice cream. You took too much of Grandma’s toffee. GET OVER IT! We all know that emotions can tie directly into eating more, so why do we let ourselves get…

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