Energy Gels/Beans/Chews Review: The Prologue

So, the week before last my long run on my training schedule was up the the 13-mile mark, a.k.a., a half marathon, y’all! I took some mixed fruit and nuts to help replenish some energy. It was not that pleasant trying to choke down nuts 7 miles into a 13-mile run. It was like trying to eat cotton. Not to mention, while it did provide some much needed mid-run calories, it wasn’t quite an ideal fuel. I needed something to replenish my lost electrolytes as well… So, with a 15-mile run planned for tomorrow morning, I decided:


Time to get down to business and start testing out some fuel. So I popped down to the local running shop and bought seven different kinds to test out over the next few weeks:

HIGH5 Energy Gel in Apple, Summer Fruits, Citrus Burst, and Orange Plus with Caffeine.

Cliff Shot Bloks Energy Chews in Tropical Punch + Caffeine


Jelly Belly Sports Beans in Lemon Lime and Orange.

Photo on 2013-09-05 at 16.45 #2

So, I’ve got three different methods of delivering my carbs and electrolytes – gels, chews, and beans – as well as a variety of flavors and caffeinated/non-caffeinated options to choose from. I’ll use one option as directed on each long run and post results and reviews on here.

Do you use gels/beans/chews? What’s your favorite method/flavor? Do you use as directed?


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