The Shady Truth About Sunglasses: How Safe Are Your Eyes?

Reading this article today, I was informed that wearing “bad” sunglasses (which I currently do) is even worse than wearing no sunglasses at all (which I currently do while training!). While this was discouraging news, I decided to Google the topic some more, as I was a little suspicious that the article might have just been a sneaky ad for sunglasses. The first Google result I clicked on was this blog post. Careful, SFW but not Safe For Queasy Stomach!
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Companies are great at selling us things that we don’t really need; but when you’re out shopping for sunglasses then picking the right ones is crucial. Do you skimp and go for cheap ones?

Picking shades with proper UV protection is an absolute must. Wearing poor quality sunglasses could be doing you much more harm than good. But if you thought that splashing out on expensive sunglasses would save your vision, then you’d be wrong. Today’s blog shines some light on the darker side of being out in the sun (with some images that aren’t for the faint-hearted)…

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