I hate Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run Method, any comments?

So, since I started the official Run Disney training program on July 2nd, I have been trying to do the run-walk-run method that is at the core of Jeff Galloway’s training system. Interval training has been proven to prevent injury and actually increase a runner’s pace.

However, I am not enjoying it. I’ve tried different intervals from 4:00 run/1:00 walk to 1:00-to-1:00, but I just can’t get comfortable. I think knowing that I have to change to a walk or a run soon and that I should be listening out for my running timer has kind of sucked the “Me Time” feel out of running. I’m too aware of the running, to aware of the “doing” and it feels like a chore. My pace has not shifted noticeably from the way it was when I just ran continuously, so it’s not like I feel like the discomfort is worth it yet because I’m reaping the benefits.

Does anyone have any comments, suggestions, or feelings they want to share? I’d appreciate any wisdom on walk/run.


3 thoughts on “I hate Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run Method, any comments?

  1. Wisdom? Nah. Experience. That I have… Some anyway. I did run/walk late in my training last year. I noticed a sharp drop off after 12-15 miles in terms of pace. When I switched my overall time got better. I did mine based on distance tho. The greenway I ran on had markers every 1/4 mile. So I ran two miles. Walked a quarter. This year I’m trying all run in training. Hopefully the weather in January will be kinder than this last one. Otherwise the heat may grab ya then too!

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