Lesson Learned

I did not appropriately warm up this morning before my run and I paid for it. I just wanted to get my 45 mins over as quickly as possible, so I only walked for about a minute before plunging into my run. My shin and calves were really in a bad way from the beginning and did not get better as I went on. The fact that it was chilly out probably didn’t help either. I ended up walking most of my “run” and spending more time out than I would have if I had just warmed up in the first place.

So, now, what will I do before every run?

Set a timer for 3-5 minutes of brisk walking.

Then set a timer for an additional 6-10 minutes of jogging.

Run (45 mins 2 x a week and a mile goal on the weekend)

Cool down with 6 – 10 minutes of jogging

Followed by 3-5 minutes of walking.

So, at minimum each day I should plan to be out for about 63 minutes. But ideally I should give myself an allowance of 75 minutes.

What do you do to warm up and cool down for a run?




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