New Method of Posting Statistics

So, I’ve been recording my “Stats” for my own benefit, but as has been apparent, I am really, really lazy about getting on a blogging when I’ve gone for a run. I’m constantly posting my stats late (as well as missing weekly blog features like #FitFriday and The Weekly Cool Down, which I will try to address…) and, to be honest, the posts that are pretty much just the stats are a bit boring for my readers (I do have readers… right?). So instead of creating a different post for each individual run, I am just going to sum up my statistics for the whole week at the end of each week. That means I will add up all of my minutes and miles logged, and average my split pace, I will no longer record “Fuel” (I’m aware by now of what makes a good running meal and what doesn’t, anyway), or “Music” (ditto for the music), and I will find a way to work the “Disney Quote of the Day” into other blog posts (and to make it an actual daily feature, not just whenever I’ve gone for a run).

So, here are my Stats for last week:

Distance: 14.31 miles

Duration: 3:37:49

Split Pace (Average): 11:36 min/mile



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