Pop Tarts.

Let me tell you what running on Pop Tarts was like:

The first thirty minutes are great! Lots of energy, right? But after that first thirty, you get thirsty and you start to taste that Pop Tart again. You’re drinking way more water than usual. That Pop Tart may as well have been made out of salt. You can practically feel yourself sweating Pop Tart through your pores. It is genuinely like a Pop Tart hangover. Going for a run with a Pop Tart hangover.





Distance: 9.23 km

Duration: 1:04:54

Split Pace: 7:02 min/km

Fuel: Pop Tarts (…)

Music: Mickey Miles Podcast Spotify Playlist

Disney Quote of the Day: “Leave me alone to die.” – Lilo, Lilo and Stitch



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