Lazy Blogging, Late Stats, Paula Deen, Grisly Disney, Civil Rights, Food Overload & Mizuno’s

I have been such a shite blogger over the last several weeks. I’m sorry. Things started out so well. Let’s start over together:

Hi, I’m Amanda. This one time I went for a run and a bird shit on me.

Okay, so what’s the craic? What’s been happening?

I worked Taste of London last week – a food festival in Regent’s Park. I got more free food than I’ll ever need, and washed it down with a Greek takeaway the night I finished because I was too exhausted to walk to Tescos, followed by an Indian takeaway two days later when Simon came over to watch Firefly with me. I am about fooded out. I’ve probably put on about 8 stone and shaved off about ten years.

Whilst Simon was over we watched two works of art on YouTube that I think are pertinent: “African American Cooking With Paula Deen”, and “Exploding Disney Princesses”. Watch ’em and weep.






For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the last few weeks: Paula Deen has been fired from the Food Network due to some pretty damning allegations of racism.

For those of you who are new to the concept of Amanda Hootman: I make money playing a Disney princess, I am a professed Disney-phile, and this blog is dedicated to my upcoming charity run at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Neither of those videos really need the exposition to be funny, but isn’t humor just so much more rewarding that way?

Speaking of racism, Civil Rights in general has had a rather tumultuous couple of days in (my homeland) America.

Two days ago, the Supreme Court gutted part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act which forced states with a history of racial discrimination to seek federal approval for voting rule changes affecting blacks and other minority voters. Because apparently a bunch of middle aged white guys in the South say racism is over, cross their hearts and hope to die.

But just when one landmark piece of civil rights legislation is struck down, so is another piece of discriminatory legislation! Yesterday, SCOTUS found the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8 in the State of California to be unconstitutional. While individual states still have the right to deny same-sex marriage, same-sex couples are now recognised in California and on the federal level. This means same-sex couples can now file joint tax returns, will be notified if a spouse dies in active duty, and have the same hospital visitation rights as heterosexual married couples. This is a massive step forward for marriage equality.

Meanwhile, in Texas, something else remarkable happened! Wendy Davis, Democratic representative of District 10 of the Texas Senate, filibustered a bill that would limit access to abortion clinics in the state of Texas. Davis spoke for 13 hours straight, she was not allowed to sit, she was not allowed to eat or use the bathroom. The bill was pronounced dead when she finished just past midnight. Knowing this, instead of heels she wore rose colored Mizunos with her pale suit. I have never seen a woman make a dress suit and running shoes look this freaking epic and inspirational. Somebody get me some Mizunos now. I want to run in nothing less than women’s rights shoes.

wendy-davis-lg Wendy-Davis Who-Wendy-Davis

Needless to say, I was so swept up in the news from America yesterday that I ran and forgot to post my stats! It was a late morning run and I regretted it. I had to stop for traffic so many times. Also, it was sunny and I forgot sunscreen. And there was a hole in my sock and I got a bad blister. Overall, it was a fail run.


Distance: 9.24 km

Duration: 1:10:32

Split Pace: 7:38 min/km

Fuel: Coco Cafe Mocha blended with ice

Music: Mickey Miles Podcast/Mickey Miles Podcast Spotify Playlist

Disney Quote of the Day: “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” – The Emperor of China, Mulan


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