Want to see something gross?

2013-06-05 09.45.46

You can see every blood vessel in my transparent legs! Gahh!!! 😛


So, today’s run was pitiful. I was feeling some “Lady Pains” and running was exacerbating it. Ran half of a small run and ended up turning around pretty much walking the whole way home. Yikes. I shall pick up some pain relievers today.


On the last few runs I have been listening to the Mickey Miles podcast for information about Run Disney. I highly recommend for all runners in general, but especially for Disney runners. The hosts, Mike and Michelle, answer a lot of runners’ questions about races in the Disney parks.


Speaking of Run Disney, I’ve printed out all of the training literature on their site, and my “real” training begins in just over three weeks. I’m going to try to adhere pretty rigidly to Jeff Galloway’s program. Even though I have been doing mostly running with very limited walk breaks, I’m going to really try to stick to his “run/walk/run” plan when I start the Run Disney training plan because he claims that it actually improves time by quite a wide margin. I’m sure it will frustrate me at first to take breaks when I don’t feel I need them, but it will make a difference in the actual race.


Anyway, here are some Stats:



Distance: 7.11 km

Duration: 45:52

Split Pace: 6:27 min/km

Fuel: Greek yoghurt, homemade rhubarb sauce, granola

Music: Mickey Miles podcast



Distance: 11.34 km

Duration: 1:23:08

Split Pace: 7:19 min/km

Fuel: Chocolate PB2 and Banana Smoothie

Music: Mickey Miles podcast/Disney’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1



Distance: 5.19 km

Duration: 40:26

Split Pace: 7:47 min/km

Fuel: Chocolate PB2, Hemp, and Banana Smoothie

Music: Mickey Miles podcast

Disney Quote of the Day: “Let’s begin by taking a smallish nap or two.” – Winnie the Pooh



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