Protein-Packed PB2 and Banana Smoothies!

So, I whipped up some smoothies by myself, using bananas and a magical ingredient not currently available here in the UK: PB2!


If you don’t know what PB2 is, it is 100% peanut butter that has been pressed to remove 85% of its fat content and dried into a powder form. All you do is add a little bit of water and you have delicious all-natural real peanut butter with all of it’s glorious protein, but for only 45 calories and 1.5 grams of fat per serving! I know this totally sounds like an ad, but I’m not getting paid by anyone to say this. This stuff is almost too good to be true.


Anyway, my mom brought me a few jars of PB2 and CHOCOLATE PB2 when she visited last week, so I’ve been improvising my own peanut butter and banana smoothies!


Amanda’s PB2 and Banana Smoothies

2-3 Tbl PB2 or Chocolate PB2

1 banana

250 ml Alpro soya light milk (Use skim milk if you like. I prefer the taste of soya to regular milk.)

1 Tbl hemp protein powder (optional)

a couple handfuls of ice

artificial sweetener (optional)


Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.

The PB2 & Banana Smoothie is sweet enough on its own. Sometimes the hemp protein powder in the PB2, Hemp, & Banana Smoothie can make it a bit less sweet, so artificial sweetener can be used to taste.


About 205 – 250 calories per shake and between 5 and 6 Weight Watchers points, depending on how much PB2 you use and whether or not you use protein powder.


 2013-06-05 07.57.56

2013-06-05 07.58.06

(Chocolate PB2, Hemp & Banana Shake)

2013-06-05 08.02.22

(The color is much prettier without the hemp, which is,unfortunately, army green, but very good for you!)


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