Fun-Run Costume Designs!

So, I have been saying that my WDW Marathon will be a “fun run” in some form of a costume since I’m doing it for children’s charities. My mom sews, so rather than just buying some wings and a tutu like most people, we decided to design and make a Disney character costume for race day. I used a sports bra and shorts as the foundation for each of these designs, and layered the character elements on top. The final choice is below, but first the runners’ up:

2013-06-05 12.28.50

Pocahontas – This is actually my second-favorite when it comes to design/practicality for a running costume. Nude sports bra and shorts for the base with beige “one-shoulder” top and skirt attached. Faux suede fringe. A blue fabric “necklace” attached to collar of sports bra. And a henna tattoo on the arm to top it all off.

2013-06-05 12.29.01

Pre-Slipper Cinderella –

brown top with sheer blue sleeves, brown skirt with pumpkin and mouse embroidery, white apron, white crinoline, head kerchief.

2013-06-05 12.29.12

Cinderella – blue or silver top/sports bra, sheer “sleeves”, blue or silver skirt, crinoline, blue headband, pearl earrings, and running shoes that have been slapped with a Bedazzler. Obviously!

2013-06-05 12.29.18

Rapunzel – purple top with white ruffles, striped puffy sleeves, and pink sheer sleeves with white ruffles. Purple skirt with a Pascal patch. Flower hair band with long yellow ribbons attached.

2013-06-05 12.29.26

Bookish Belle – Another one of my favorites and a close contender for my choice. Blue top over white “blouse” (just collar and sleeves attached to top), blue skirt, white apron, white crinoline. Blue bow.

2013-06-05 12.29.31

Belle – nude sports bra, yellow shrug top attached, skirt with pickups and roses, yellow or pink crinoline. And a light up rose from the Parks. Obviously!

2013-06-05 12.29.39

Jasmine – nude sports bra with blue shrug top attached, gold fabric “necklace”, blue shorts, sheer blue harem pants, headband with jewel.

2013-06-05 12.29.44

Pre-Thimble Sleeping Beauty – A more obscure one! White sheer “blouse”, black top, grey skirt, white crinoline, black headband.

2013-06-05 12.29.51

Sleeping Beauty – nude sports bra with pink/blue and white shrug top attached, two tone light and dark pink/light and dark blue skirt, crinoline, tiara.

2013-06-05 12.29.57

Blue Fairy – Another more obscure (but apt for my charities!) one is Pinocchio’s Blue Fairy. Blue sequined or glittery sports bra and shorts, sheer blue dress with long sleeves, brooch, 30’s style belt, wings, headband.

2013-06-05 12.30.07

Tinkerbell – nude sports bra with green sweetheart top attached, green shorts, skirt made of sheer “leaves”, wings, attitude.

2013-06-05 12.30.16

Minnie Mouse – black sports bra, sheer red sleeves with black polka dots attached, red skirt with black polka dots, gloves, crinoline, black tail, hair in buns or an “Ears” headband.

2013-06-05 12.30.31

Snow White  – Blue sports bra/top, blue and red “slit” sleeves, high white collar, yellow skirt, crinoline, red bow headband.

And the winner is…

2013-06-05 11.48.18

Ariel – Ultimately Ariel seemed like the best decision because of the simplicity of the design. She will be the easiest of the costumes to run in! Bright green shorts, nude sports bra with purple shells OR purple extra-support bra/bathing suit top with purple shells, skirt made of strips of various green fabrics and strings of green sequins. Purple flower.

I may even use temporary color rinses to have red hair for the run! I’d love to know people’s experiences with stuff like Wella Shaders and Toners, Schwartzkopf XXL Color Live, or Manic Panic. I have very dark brown hair. Could I go bright red for the weekend? 🙂


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