#FF #FitFriday

So true, so easy to forget. I’m not into Ryan Gosling, but these were both on Pinterest under “running motivation” and I found them very funny… “With a puppy.” That’s more like it! Also… This may need to turn into a t-shirt or a poster for me. And finally… I just needed to post her […]

Pop Tarts.

Let me tell you what running on Pop Tarts was like: The first thirty minutes are great! Lots of energy, right? But after that first thirty, you get thirsty and you start to taste that Pop Tart again. You’re drinking way more water than usual. That Pop Tart may as well have been made out […]

Lazy Blogging, Late Stats, Paula Deen, Grisly Disney, Civil Rights, Food Overload & Mizuno’s

I have been such a shite blogger over the last several weeks. I’m sorry. Things started out so well. Let’s start over together: Hi, I’m Amanda. This one time I went for a run and a bird shit on me. Okay, so what’s the craic? What’s been happening? I worked Taste of London last week […]

#FF #FitFriday

(A little bit of Girl Power for your Friday Morning) Went for a quick run yesterday, but didn’t record as I went to work a very long shift at Taste of London. I’m off to work again today, but didn’t wake up in time for a run :S All of this inspiration is making me […]

Pianos, Guitars, and Scarves, Oh My!

Picking up the piano for the first time in six or seven years. I played for about a decade, then forgot it all because I hated it. So, now I’ve got two instruments to practice – piano, and the guitar – and both of them I suck at! I’ve been sitting around working out my […]

The (Oops! Late!) Weekly Cool Down: Boris Bikes!

Grr!! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I worked a kids’ party on two hours sleep, then had a four-hour (!) trek back to my flat due to crappy Sunday train service and crashed! Anywho, for┬áthis last weeks Weekly Cool Down, I did something very “London” that I have never done before: I hired a Barclays […]

I forgot to record a run again!

I went running yesterday. I took lots of walking “breaks” because I was feeling a little on the tight side to begin with and didn’t want to push it, and because I thought it would be good to get used to some walking. They weren’t regular, timed intervals. Didn’t seem to slow me down too […]