When You Wish Upon A Star Charity Run, The Blog Is 1 Month Old Today!

I have been training for a month!

Well, what have we learned in one month?

  1. I listen almost exclusively to musicals on my runs (and, let’s be honest, in life).
  2. I really actually enjoy running! It’s my me-time. I can let my mind run free! It’s like I’m Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, except instead of a corner and a chair, I have a pair of candy apple red running shoes, and an iPhone.
  3. Eating in the first 30 minutes after a run + gentle stretching after a run is finished + running at a sustainable pace = pretty much no sore muscles!
  4. I can wear itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny shorts in front of audiences of 50, 7 times a week, and no one vomits.
  5. Make-A-Wish Foundation is an outstanding childrens’ wish-granting organisation, inspired by one sick boy’s last wish.
  6. Starlight Childrens’ Foundation is also an incredible wish-granting organisation that has multiple programs in place that include so much more than wish-granting alone!
  7. All of the wisdom and inspiration in the history of the world can be summed up in Disney Quotes.
  8. When a runner goes a week without much running, it feels like a week without much brushing her teeth. (Yuck.)
  9. I can share a large Pizza Hut pizza, nachos, potato wedges, and cookie dough with a friend and lose 2 lbs. (True story.)
  10. Map My Run is the best app ever.
  11. I sleep like a friggin baby.
  12. I practically radiate endorphins.
  13. It’s very expensive keeping up with my newfound appetite.
  14. I need a massage.
  15. I probably need a fanny pack. *shudders*
  16. Having a positive attitude initially is all you need to get the ball rolling. Soon, you’ll be gagging to get some exercise, not putting it off.
  17. Most of my exercise clothes are black – this needs to change!
  18. As a female in South London, you get sexually harassed 6-7 times on your walk to the supermarket. As a female running in South London, you can expect this number to triple on every run. Loud headphones are a godsend.
  19. I am never going to be a foot model. Woe is me.
  20. With every passing day, I get a little more excited about The Walt Disney World Marathon in January. I have something wonderful to look forward to!

11 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon A Star Charity Run, The Blog Is 1 Month Old Today!

  1. I had no idea the Disney World Marathon even existed!!! That’s probably the best motivation for marathon training I’ve ever heard of.

    It’s just a shame the half is sold out, if not I would have seriously considered signing up!

      • Oh, awesome! Is that one booked up? I’m considering doing a half for pacing. (If I’m going to submit a pacing time to Disney I have to do it by November.) Been toying with the idea of Great North or Great Birmingham Run because they’re pretty reasonable prices as long as I can stay with a friend in either Newcastle or Birmingham!

      • I’m pretty sure there are still spots for it! You should definitely do it! I’ve heard the Great North Run is pretty cool too – the way I see it, the more races I have lined up (within reason) the more focused my training gets, which is always helpful. Have you heard of the Colour Run too? I’m doing that in July, it’s completely non-competitive and only 5K but looks like so much fun!

      • Ooh! That sounds like fun! Man, I need to start making more money so I can afford registration fees! :S I would like to do a few smaller events before the actual marathon. I’ve never done any kind of a running event before and I’m sure running in an event is very different from running on your own while training!

      • I’ve only done one running event and that was only a couple of weeks ago. I’m still relatively new to running, myself. I was reading one of your posts earlier and was wondering: How’ve you found the energy gels? I haven’t tried any, but I think I might need to soon.

      • I’ve yet to try them, actually! Product testing is still on my to-do list! I reckon those will be the first things, though!

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