Happy Memorial Day/Bank Holiday Monday! Back On Track!

Got up this morning at 7:30, to have breakfast and get ready for my run – back on the running bandwagon now that my show is open and running. Tried to make porridge and destroyed it and the apple and raisins I had in it along with it. It was the last of my porridge and raisins and the last apple, too, so I ended up having three kiwis for breakfast. (That’s kiwifruit, not three gentlemen from New Zealand. Nor three flightless birds.)

I broke down a few days ago and bought some Sainsbury’s coffeebeans (normally, I am a total snob and only drink the stuff my Dad roasts at home, or buy some Starbucks coffee beans, if I’m feeling desperate). The problem with having coffee in the house is, unlike, tea, I make a whole pot, not just individual servings. And when I make a whole pot, I sit around for hours drinking it until I have to stop because I’ve given myself the shakes. This is what happened this morning, so despite waking up at 7:30, I didn’t actually get out for my run until past 9:30. Oh, well. Monday is my day off, anyway, it’s not like I was in a particular rush.

Was so nice running. The weather has been lovely all day, and it was sunny and cool this morning. I had to pull a cheeky one at Beckenham Junction to use their loo again (coffee!), and I had to stop more frequently for sips of water because of the sun, but other than that my run went on without a hitch. It was so nice (and the weather has been so nice today), in fact, that I’m strongly considering taking a nice evening run, too.

The combination of sunshine and Memorial Day-ness (and probably a little bit of listening to Parade, which contains strains of “Dixieland” in some songs), made me feel in the mood for some Southern picnic food. So I made homemade potato salad, roasted a whole chicken, and had coleslaw and sparkly lemonade. And ice cream topped with homemade rhubarb sauce and granola for dessert…

2013-05-27 14.56.56-1

2013-05-27 15.04.05-1

2013-05-27 15.08.44-2

2013-05-27 14.56.50-1

2013-05-27 15.08.01-2

2013-05-27 16.09.08-2

On second thought, I should definitely go for that second run tonight!


Distance: 11.23 km

Duration: 1:18:59

Split Pace: 7:02 min/km

Fuel: 3 kiwifruit

Music: Parade (Original Broadway Cast)

Disney Quote of the Day: “I wanna eat and eat and eat and eat until I die.” – Goofy, Jack and the Beanstalk


UPDATE: I did go for that second run! It was just a short, slow one (mostly because I had to pee, AGAIN, and there was nowhere to do it!)


Distance: 7.3 km

Duration: 53:55

Split Pace: 7:23 min/km

Fuel: See above pictures.

Music: A New Brain


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