It’s Been A Rough Week

I mean, I’ve still got the weekend to go, but… yeah.

This was the last week of rehearsals before we go into tech on Monday, so work has been a bit full-on and stressful. Finally, it’s all coming together and getting sorted, so soon we can just enjoy it again.

A bit of leftover emotional baggage has begun to creep up on me this week, too. Stuff I haven’t really had time to be sad over.

It’s all got me on edge.

I got up early this morning to go for my run, but I had so much to think about for rehearsals today that I just didn’t. Went out on one this evening instead. But I just wasn’t feeling it. No rush of endorphins, just time alone with my thoughts, which aren’t helpful right now. Dozens of conversations that never happened are just playing on a loop in my mind, and they are so, so loud, and so invasive, and I just want to be filled with the warm fuzzies and the white noise. My legs felt heavy.

Tired now. One thing you can always count on with running – it makes you hungry and it puts you to sleep.


Distance: 6.94

Duration: 49:44

Split Pace: 7:09 min/km

Fuel: Small piece of cod, potatoes with baked beans, courgette, broccoli.

Music: Sunday in the Park With George

Disney Quote of the Day: “Someday we’ll say and do things we’ve been longing to.” – Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


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