Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running Running Running…

I kinda went with the flow this morning and just did what felt right and what felt right was to just keep running, running, running, until I’d done a little over a half marathon. Like. A. Boss.

I think it’s because I had my new Make-A-Wish running vest on – I was super-powered by wishes! Or maybe it’s because I had a gargantuan bowl of pasta for my dunch (lunch/dinner – didn’t have time for both, so I split the difference and ate one big meal at 4:30) yesterday. Or maybe I’m just turning into an addict. Probably it’s a combination of all of the above.

God, I’m filled with endorphins. I’m, like, really cheery all the time, and have lots of energy. And when I sleep, I friggin’ sleep. I don’t even think I move. I’m also constantly hungry. Even more so than I was before I started running. This is a cause for some worry because I don’t want to make the mistake of overestimating how much fuel I should be getting and packing on the pounds. But I don’t want to eat too little and not be able to make it through my longer runs. I’m just going to have to monitor my weight and measurements carefully.

I’m gonna go have a nice relaxing shath (shower/bath – not to be confused with “bower”, which is a pleasant shady place under trees) now and I’ll catch up with y’all later: I’ve got a very exciting Weekly Cool Down planned!



Distance: 22.39 km

Duration: 2:28:04

Split Pace: 6:36 min/km

Fuel: 1 1/2 c Shreddies, banana, soya milk

Music: The Phantom of the Opera (25th Anniversary Concert at the Royal Albert Hall)

Disney Quote of the Day: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” – Dory, Finding Nemo


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