Really annoyed with myself.

I had time this morning to fit in a 15k, but 7k in I realized I had forgotten something really important (in the feminine hygiene department), and had a very, very uncomfortable run home. Sorry for the gross implication, guys.

Anyway, I’m gonna fit in a 15k run somewhere this week. There are some TBC call times for rehearsal tomorrow. If it turns out I’m called later in the morning, or I break earlier in the afternoon, I’m fitting that bad boy in, goddamnit.

Yesterday I stopped by Sweatshop in Westfield Stratford and got fitted for some running shoes. Turns out I have a pretty neutral weight distribution, good arches, etc., and I am very much a “toe-striker”, which is good for speed, but I should try to mix in some heel-toe action for my distance running. Cool. The dude said the fact that my long runs are already in the 10/15km range and it’s my second week of training means I’m probably going to be a-OK! Ha ha. Just need to watch it, especially as I get nearer to the race itself. He said injuries happen, a lot of the time, about 3 weeks before the marathon. So if I’ve even got a twinge in a muscle, just stay in and rest. Better to lose a day of training than to tear a muscle and miss the race.

I’ve got a pair of shoes on hold for me. Leftover Olympics editions. I’m gonna be representing Team GB at Disney! Whoop! They’re £100, which is steep, of course, but actually far, far more reasonable than I expected. I was thinking my running shoes were going to be hovering at around just below £200. I’m gonna stop by and get them some time this week and then I’m groovy. 🙂

I feel like I’ve really built in a routine now with my running. I don’t think “oh, should I do it or no?” It’s like brushing my teeth. You get up in the morning, you eat, you run, you shower. It’s the resting-time I have to pencil in. And cross-training. I’ve been really bad about that. Need to actually do some. Maybe I’ll be better about doing cross-training when we’re in our run and I have my afternoons free.

Took my measurements this morning because I think it might be valuable to keep an eye on them.

Weight: 117.4 lbs

Waist (smallest point): 25″

Below belly button (The Baby Shelf): 30″

Hips: 38″

Thigh (largest point): 20″

Thigh (above knee) 13.5″

Bicep: 10″

And, to close on a high, here is a picture of my feet in Piggy socks!

2013-05-09 05.57.29


Distance: 7.34 km

Duration: 53:15

Split Pace: 7:15 min/km

Fuel: 1 c Shreddies, banana, soya milk

Music: Sunday In The Park With George

Disney Quote of the Day: “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it… you can either run from it, or… learn from it.” – Rafiki, The Lion King


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