WDW Marathon Weekend Starts 8 Months Today!

All of us runners will be swarming into Walt Disney World in just a few short months! I wonder what I’ll be like in 8 months’ time after 8 1/2 months’ marathon training? Flooded with endorphins, I’d expect!

I forgot to blog yesterday! Make-A-Wish sent me a runner’s vest! Got some cool schwag for my training! See!:



“Run for wishes” – my thoughts exactly!

I’ll post run stats for yesterday below! It was just a short, sweet one.:


Distance: 6.91 km

Duration: 49:49

Split Pace: 7: 12 min/km

Fuel: Two slices of walnut & sundried apricot toast and a banana

Music: Funny Girl (Original Broadway Cast)

It started to rain early into my run this morning! It was not as “epic” as runner’s describe running in the rain being. I didn’t feel too sweaty, or need to stop and drink water at all, but I did spend the whole time worrying if the cool and the damp were going to make my cold worse again and/or ruin my phone. Then I got to the park portion of my run (on my long runs, I run on pavement through Penge, Beckenham, Anerley, Crystal Palace, and Sydenham, then run into Crystal Palace Park and just kind of jog around the paths in whatever direction I like) and it seemed a bit unsafe. The mud and gravel was slippery, and I dropped down to first a quick walk, and then not so quick. My pace dropped from 6:49 to, like, 11:00. So I packed it in early and decided not to conquer the park for today. I’ll save the muddy runs for better shoes and stronger muscles. This is why I’m starting my training in Summer. By rainy winter, I’ll be an extreme runner! πŸ˜‰


Distance: 11.87 km

Duration: 1:22:56

Split Pace: 6:59

Fuel: Porridge with light soya milk, honey, and a banana

Music: Carousel (1965 Broadway Revival)/The Light In The Piazza

Disney Quote of the Day: “Oh, look at me! I’m gonna go touch the butt!” – Sheldon, Finding Nemo


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