The Weekly Cool Down: Yoga In The Park

Welcome to The Weekly Cool Down, a new weekly feature of the blog where you can join me in sans-running weekend activities ranging from classes and days out, to intensive (budget-friendly!) pamper sessions and maybe even baking! So, whatever happened this week, whatever is buzzing around in your brain, whatever exercises or assignments or deadlines you did or didn’t achieve, let all of that go for an hour or two and come Cool Down with me because this Sunday I did Yoga In The Park!

2013-05-05 12.07.002013-05-05 12.03.442013-05-05 12.06.262013-05-05 12.05.19

As many of you know, I live near Crystal Palace Park, and the past few days in London, the weather has been simply divine! So when I woke up this morning and saw the sun pouring through my window, I knew there was only one way to unwind – get out in that sun and get a bit yogic!

So I grabbed my yoga mat, and packed my blocks and strap, and found myself a nice little piece of the Park with lots of trees on all sides of me.

2013-05-05 11.59.132013-05-05 11.58.45

The view from Shavasana and the view from Mountain Pose. 🙂

I followed along to a nice, gentle, 90 minute yoga audio class: Beginner’s Flow by Dashama, which I downloaded as part of her 30 Day Yoga Challenge on Udemy. You can purchase it here:

If you have never done yoga before, I recommend going to several classes before following along with a DVD or audio course. It’s very important to have a yoga instructor present, monitoring and, if necessary, adjusting you in the asanas. If you are a casual or die-hard yogi already, I highly recommend Dashama’s Udemy course as a supplement to yoga classes. Once you have purchased the course, you have access to the website for 12 months, and you can download and keep the course materials for life. At full price the course can seem kind of steep, but keep an eye on the website because there are regular sales. I think I got my subscription for $30. Audio, video, and manual yoga materials are so valuable for days when you’re either too skint or too crunched for time to make it to a studio, or days like today, when you just want to get out there and practice in that sunshine!

2013-05-05 12.07.282013-05-05 12.07.41

Trees, beautiful, gorgeous, inspiring trees! You may think I’m a hippie, but actually I’m a Londoner: trees are genuinely a novelty to me.

Let me tell you, let me tell you, the sunshine and the breeze on your skin while doing these gentle asanas is positively delicious! And, does my (admittedly still cold-effected) nose deceive me? Does it actually smell nice? Lo and behold, I am in London and I can smell nothing but grass and flowers. Mind: blown.

Expect your yoga high to be slightly more intense if you huff a big whiff of this FDA approved substance known as “fresh air”.

Visit to purchase and practice along with the same audio class I used, or go to YouTube and find a course of your own! And get out in the sun and do Yoga In The Park!!!!!



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