May The Fourth Be With You…

Happy Star Wars Day!


Took another day off running yesterday, as I was still feeling ill, and had to work later in the evening. But I got back on the training this morning. Took a Dioralyte sachet before because I’m quite dehydrated still and took it easy with my run, and brought tissues along with me for my runny nose! It’s a funny balance when you’re sick – I wanted to get my blood pumping just enough to make my immune system kick into action, but not push it too hard and wear myself out entirely. I’ve still got the whole rest of my day to get through!

Anyway, I think I did alright. I feel awake and okay now, save for a very raw nose! (Ouch!)

Got a really *cool* new weekly blog feature coming tomorrow, so make sure to check back in!

Meeting a friend to go to a musical matinee this afternoon, so I should go get ready and get some stuff done before then… Ta ta for now!


Distance: 9.6 km

Duration: 1:07:04

Split Pace: 6:59 min/km

Fuel: 3/4 c Shreddies and soya milk.

Music: Carousel (1993 London National Theatre Recording)

Disney Quote of the Day: “You can stay here and hope for a miracle, or you can get out there and make a miracle of your own.” – Lavern, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II


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